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A space that’s developed and operated with passion for small businesses, earth, and greatness.

A JackTrade property is built and designed for the small office warehouse user that needs under 10k sq. ft., and values appearance, efficiency, and functionality. They are uniquely designed, which reinforce the individuality of the businesses occupying them.

Each property is constructed with the intention of providing a product that is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly to build and operate, affordable in every respect, and a highly effective use of interior and exterior space.

We aspire to lead the industry in our niche by delivering an innovative forward-thinking product and product experience. Ultimately, by capturing this value, we hope to build the platform and resources with which we can make consistent and frequent gestures of good will in order to improve our communities. We believe strongly in three foundational principles for our organization.

First, our Earth is important, so we must conserve it by creating space that minimizes the real environmental impact. Efficient, allocation of resources, design, and reducing waste in real and absolute terms, is the catalyst to true earth friendly property.

Second, small business owners and operators are the driving force behind all things great in this country. Appreciating these businesses, partnering with them to achieve shared goals, and working to help them become profitable value-creating businesses, is important for long-term success.

Lastly, adhering to the first two principles creates a prosperous community, earth, and business for us.

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  • It all started from humble beginnings, with the acquisition of a multi-tenant industrial building in the South-Central industrial corridor of Wichita, Kansas. We have continued to acquire and redevelop existing industrial space. Over the past 10 years — through trial and error — we’ve become familiar with the needs of our small business tenants and developed strategies to help us best align ourselves with those needs. A fierce determination to achieve results and a willingness to make the effort in order to do so, is the driving force behind all things we do.


We are built for success. No matter what your goals are, JackTrade can execute your vision and help you deliver results.

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